Property Club - 'Australia's No. 1 Wealth Creator Since 1994'
ALL others selling to you represent & protect the seller.  They have a legal, moral & fiduciary duty to get the highest price!

Property Club is a leading property investment company that assists investors through every stage of the investment process. With an extensive network throughout Australia, we have researched, sourced and sold nearly 17,000 properties in Australia and New Zealand to more than 14,000 investors since we were established in 1994. More than 3,500 of these investors today hold property portfolios worth more than $1m in value!

We remain focused on our key objective of helping ordinary Australians achieve financial freedom through property investing, with an emphasis on providing the best possible residential property investment opportunities to members, together with world class support and services. 

Why pay Tax?

Reduce your tax with Property Investment

The Property Club are experts at tax minimisation through property investment. Property Club members develop a great knowledge of these tax reduction strategies just by being involved in the club and surrounded by other like minded people.

We understand that buying a property at the right price is only one factor in building a profitable portfolio. That is why Property Club members have access to experts in ALL areas of property investment such as Property Research & Data Analysis, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Negotiation, Property Management, Accounting and more.

We can guide you on the path to property investing success.

Pat Farmer finishes Middle Eastern Peace Run

Congratulations to Pat Farmer for completing his Middle Eastern Peace Run.  Pat was joined by many supporters along the way and received a lot of much needed local media exposure.  One 16 year old boy even ran 60kms with Pat one day (see photo)!  Pat will be involved in a number of interviews with the Today program on Channel 9, so stay tuned!


TIC Coffee - Supporting Bill Dodd and the Families of Thailand


Purchase 1kg of TIC Coffee today for $28 plus postage and handling $11.68.
Every bag of TIC Coffee sold will help Children at the Agape Orphanage and Learning Centre in
Mae Sot Thailand.
Every cup of TIC Coffee helps sustain the lives of poor hill tribe farmers and helps protect  
vulnerable forest eco-systems. It also supports Billy Dodd's lifestyle as a quadriplegic
living in Mitchell outback Queensland


To purchase your delicious TIC Coffee please click here  

For more information regarding this project, the growing of the coffee and the Orphanage please click here

TIC's Other Services


Property Focused Super

Investors who believe in the value of buying, holding and developing residential property as part of a secure investment strategy, can now take control of their own superannuation....
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Success Stories

Read about our members' investment journey success...
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Property Millionaires Club

PMC provides regular networking opportunities for like-minded property millionaires to meet and exchange information and experiences...
Read more


Attend a free property investment workshop, register for an upcoming property research tour or sign up for a webinar to learn more about our property investment strategies...
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Young Investors Club

Younger people often face different challenges to getting started in property to those of their parents; this is where the Young Investors Club can help...
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Property Research

Our focus is on recommending quality freehold residential properties throughout Australia that meet our strict investment criteria...
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TIC Counters


The number of properties PC has assisted members to invest in for 2013 is 859 and since Jan 2014 displayed in the counter above.



Thanks to the PC support network who have helped these members create wealth through property investment.

This is the number of proud members in PC's Property Millionaires Club who have achieved financial independence and a property portfolio worth more than $1 Million Dollars through The Investors Club! 



Club History - Settled Sales from 1994.

  • Property Club group of companies include trading businesses that derive income including from commissions paid by vendors of properties being sold to investors.
  • Past performance of investments is not necessarily an indicator of future results.
  • We recommend that investors obtain their own independent legal and valuation advice.

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