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PMC Leaders Forums - Long Term Support for Members

PMC members have access to new knowledge and strategies continually being developed by Investors Club achievers

The Investors Club has created over 2000 property millionaires and as we develop more wealth our strategies need to become more sophisticated.

Greg North, who is one of those who has retired after following and achieving The Kevin Young Plan, developed the concept of PMC Leaders Forums to provide an avenue for our long-term PMC Members to discuss and develop more sophisticated stategies.

These unique forums are held regularly around Australia and attended by the PMC’s most informed property investors. The wealth growth of those around the table in Brisbane 2009 was $77,000 a day.

Many of the people participating at each forum are Support Members or Branch Managers of The Investors Club. Meaning that you can gain access to this expertise through your personal mentor, your Support Member.

Some of the ever growing list of topics discussed at the PMC Leaders Forum have been:

PERSPECTIVES - Why I have a long term

‘How I improve my holding costs’

DIVERSIFICATION - Why diversifying across the country is important

What if my spouse dies?
RETIREMENT - What is  Wealthy Retirement 'Retirement using The Investors Club Plan'
TAX STRATEGIES - Tax time is coming - this is what I do now 'Where do I gain further relevant education'

MISTAKE AVOIDANCE - Mistakes I have made and how I would avoid them if I could turn back the clock

‘How I keep my Property accounts’

ACCOUNTING - Why and how I do my own tax returns

Financing strategies for advanced PMC members into the future

RISK MANAGEMENT - My risk management strategies

Getting my property managers working for me

COMMUNICATION - Why I only use Club Loans

 Brisbane Full Panel

My property is getting older- what should I do?

‘My tips for operating your business’

Tax time is coming-this is what I do now

‘Moving Home’

My works to assist others

‘Developing a wealthy mindset’

Strategies for achieving more out of 24hrs/Week/Month/ Year

‘Financing strategies for advanced PMC members into the future’

How to be positive in negative times


HELPING THE KIDS ACCUMULATE - I’m secure. How can I help my kids?

Why capital growth is the main focus of the  TIC  Plan

Wealth Management is not a hobby

How I do my inspections

BODY CORPORATES - I think I want to be on the Strata Committee

Maintaining confidence


‘How I Improve my valuations’ 

MANAGING FINANCES Managing Holding costs in the Independent stage

‘How much liquidity do I maintain’

RENT - How to increase rental returns



At our Property Millionaires Club (PMC) events the question was raised, 'how can this bank of knowledge and experience benefit other members?' And so the PMC Leaders forum was born.
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